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Amazing Grace Paper Crafts

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

A local Gainesville, FL eCommerce company “Amazing Grace Paper Crafts” has been in business since 2005. Founders Beatriz & Steve reached out to the CastBeyond Marketing with a goal to increase the ease at which their clients are able to purchase their various scrapbooking products.

Up 'til now we were doing it all by hand and, trust me, it was very, very time consuming & stressful. We enlisted the services of a very bright young man named Dustin Cucciarre to help us with the site. Here we are with Dustin who was extremely patient with us two dinosaurs. ~ Beatriz Guzman - Amazing Grace Paper Crafts

Our first point of business was to do a business and marketing analysis on how they are currently taking orders, managing inventory, and communication with their clients through their previous website, social media outlets, and many other data points. Once we had this data it was clear that Amazing Grace Paper Crafts needed a newly updated eCommerce site that would allow them to easily list and actively manage their inventory.

We’re still actively working with “Amazing Grace Paper Crafts” and will continue to monitor their success and help them continue on the path to serving their client better.


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